I.    Mr. Mohammad Ismail Rahimi

Mohammad Ismail Rahimi holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Medical Faculty of Balkh University-Afghanistan. He has an MBA from Maryam Rashid Khan University and MA, Economics and Policy Development - Williams College -U.S.A. He has a lot of work experience in the fields of Development in Afghanistan. Mr. Rahimi has works as General Directorate of Policy and Evaluation of the Ministry of Economy and has worked as Poverty Reduction Expert in Ministry of Economics, Savings & Investment Program Officer in UNHabitat, and Community Development Coordinator in Mercy Crops. Furthermore, he has attended many workshops in the fields of, local development, Policy, Planning and many more. He has also attended several National and International conferences representing Afghanistan. He has a broad management capacity in areas of management, development, planning, rural development, teaching, public relations, budgeting and financial management and analytical skills. He is fluent in Dari, Pashtu, Uzbeki and English.

II.    Mr. Janan Mosazai

Janan Mosazai is a human rights and civil society activist. Janan was born in Kabul, in 1979. He is holding a Bachelor’s degree from the American University - Central Asia from Bishkek Kyrgyzstan. He has a Master’s degree in Journalism and Public Relations from the University of Carleton Ottawa – Canada. He has a lot of work experience inside and outside Afghanistan. After the fall of the Taliban regime he worked in various positions in Afghanistan, such as the Political Affairs Assistant to the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, Producer and Researcher in BBC World TV, Editor-in-Chief of The Star (official monthly publication of the American University – Central Asia), Project Officer in Peace Dividend Trust in Ottawa Canada and as Communications Strategist in Citizenship and Immigration Canada. He has a broad management capacity in many areas, for instance, in Development, Civil Society, Public Relations, Media, as well as in International Conferences as representative of the development sectors, Civil Society and Media of Afghanistan and has delivered many speeches. Janan Mosazai is fluent in Pashtu, Dari and English and also knows the basics of Russian, French and Urdu. Mr. Mosazai currently works as the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

III.    Mrs. Naseema Niazi

Mrs. Niazi was born in the year 1953 in an Afghan family in Helmand Province. After finishing her higher education she was working as a Principle in girls high school.
Mrs. Niazi is member of committee in communication, urban, transportation, housing and municipality of Wolisi Jirga (Parliamnet) from 2005. She won two rounds of parliamentary elections as the representative of the people of Helmand province in 2005 and 2010.
Mrs. Niazi is member and one of the strongest supporters of Islamic Investment and Finance Cooperatives in Helmand Province; she has helped the IIFC in every aspect and has helped them to work in a save and strong working environment.

Quick Contacts

  • House No# 3 Street 2, Dehbori
    Kabul, Afghanistan
  • +93 (0) 728 666 101
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  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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